Thursday, 24 July 2008

Neko Case and Killdozer, together at last

Nooooo!!!! This is both HORRIBLE and AWESOME. Madison, Wisconsin, has done something much cooler than its vastly superior western cousin, Minneapolis. This would, of course, be the organization of the Forward Music Festival, a two day event held September 19-20 in downtown Madison. Sure, Minneapolis ranks higher than Madison in a ranking of America's most literary AND most hard-partyin' cities (sources: Central Connecticut State University study and Forbes, respectively), and has presumably served as a setting for more Lindsey Lohan movies. These are all pretty awesome distinctions. But they do not quite outweigh how I am kinda jealous that Madison will be hosting both Neko Case and Killdozer, the Touch and Go band behind the creepy-awesome track "Knuckles the Dog."

That's not it, either. I am seriously considering a post-birthday Madison jaunt, because with a ticket price set at a low, low $25 price tag, how can you lose? The line-up is more extensive than I can ever hope (or want) to list, but you can see it at the Forward Music Festival website. So far the line-up includes people like the aforementioned two artists, plus Shearwater, the Heroin Sheiks, Flosstradamus, Dillinger 4, Scared of Chaka, Dan Deacon, Giant Sand, Detroit Cobras, and Bob Mould.

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michael said...

Madison has served as the setting for more Zach Braff movies.