Thursday, 28 February 2008

Girl from the Knife appearing on band called dEUS' new album

Yeah, sorry, I am ignorant as to who this dEUS band is. Admittedly I'm stuck in 1981 and it takes something pretty amazing (and omnipresent) to pull me out of my Qualuudes/Bauhaus fantasyland. So, I'm going to come right out here and say it, "I love the Knife." Please don't make fun of me for liking something that doesn't consist largely of screaming and feedback, like everything else I like. I love their creepy bird plague doctor masks, I love their eerily adorable woodland creature video, I love their dark, weird electronica. And so I was very pleased to see that the lady from the Knife, Karin Dreijer Andersson, will be doing some guest vocals on the new album from the band dEUS. I will totally look forward to getting the promo for this album in at the record store and then subsequently forget about it when I don't see it within the next 3 weeks, and then be totally happy and surprised when it does come out and I remember this lady is on it. It's like looking into a crystal ball!!!!

They say this new album comes out April 21st. That's not too far away. And if you want to, you can listen to dEUS's MySpace page. Tell me if it's awesome or not--I can't really kick out the jams while using the free wireless internet at the coffeeshop.

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Liv said...

Yes, I remember dEUS - they were from Belgium and occurred in the 90's. I may have even seen them in Dublin's Olympia. Hmmm. I think they sounded like a cross between Placebo and the Longpigs- my teenage ears would have loved that.