Thursday, 6 December 2007

New Bauhaus album, please make my goth dreams a reality

You know how people sometimes refer to a "Christmas Wish"?

As in a recent article entitled "Brad Pitt's Christmas Wish" or the 1998 TV movie "The Christmas Wish" starring 80s sitcom star Doogie Howser aka Neil Patrick Harris?

Yes. You do. You, like me, have probably heard this expression used frequently and inexplicably throughout Western civilization. But how exactly does one make this Christmas wish? Seems more like a vague yearning for something that's probably not going to happen, which occurs in the midst of the holiday season than an actual process of making something occur. Because I have a Christmas Wish, and I would really like to make it become a CHRISTMAS REALITY.

But unlike Brad Pitt, with his humanitarian concerns (yes, I read part of the MSNBC article), my Christmas Wish is entirely selfish but totally essential. You see, as the time to leave LDN for wintrier climes draws nigh, a growing sense of panic has also started to set in. Each night as I drift off to sleep, every morning (okay--"afternoon" is a more truthful word) as I walk to Climpson and Sons for a coffee, I am troubled by one gnawing, overarching fear: what if there are no superdreamy goth boys in New York? I am not talking about dudes in baggy cargo pants with dayglo seams. I am not talking about guys whose record collection consists of albums featuring men with faux Teutonic vocals and pulsating electronic beats. Sigh. I will miss you.

I am hoping the forthcoming new studio LP from Bauhaus can help me. It's all new! It comes out (tentatively!) on March 4th, 2008! But there won't be a tour, b/c of some mysterious incident drummer Kevin Haskins mentioned to But that's cool! WHATEVER! Just let me know, NY boys, if you need assistance finding an appropriate pair of black jeans and what music I want you to listen to. Thanks!

PS--I wanted to draw a Santa hat on the bat in the picture, but my version of Microsoft Paint somehow disappeared off my computer, so just imagine it okay?

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