Thursday, 20 December 2007

Goodbye, LDN: A Tribute to Foxes

Goodbye, London, helloooooooooo Minneapolis. It's back to vodka tonics and Mexican food for me, but first let's look back on the last however-long of my life with this very special tribute to one of my very favorite LDN phenomena--foxes. They're foxes! And they live in the city! The only thing that could possibly make them even more exciting would be if all the little guys below were local to my favorite Whitechapel area! Of course, I mean, hell, you don't know where these pictures came from, do you?, so I might as well just rename this entire post "Goodbye, LDN: A Tribute to the Foxes of Whitechapel." In fact, I think I will! And maybe I'll even print them off on glossy photo paper and make an art calendar entitled "A Year with the Foxes of Whitechapel", retail price $14.99. (Wow. I have been at my parents' house for far too long (approx. 25 hours.)) Apologies in advance if you are one of those lucky people who has always lived side by side with the noble Whitechapel fox and you're thinking "Fuck this, I wanna read more about how Nick Cave and the guy from Liars look totally alike!", but I am still totally impressed by foxes, I think they are great, and they are definitely much awesomer than squirrels. So let's GET WILD!*

*I started saying "get wild!" at ATP two weeks ago. Whenever I say it, it just feels like a party's coming. As such, I'd like to make "get wild!" a commonly-heard phrase in 2008, so I'm going to be using it a lot. At least a lot more than I ended up using "Real Talk". Please do the same.

GOODBYE LDN: A TRIBUTE TO FOXES (especially the ones in Whitechapel)


Foxes do so much. They jump in the air! They simultaneously hug and shout at each other! They sit! In different places! Also, they make that really awful tortured sounding noise when they are making fox love, but there really wasn't any way to post a picture of a terrible noise, and really I didn't want to remember it. So there you go!
Thanks, that is all.

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Stealing images from other peopls websites is illegal!