Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Boss is back!!!!

Bruce Springsteen is on tour again. The Boss will be rocking arenas, coliseums, and places ending in "drome" across Europe and the United States while simultaneously acting as America's moral compass (yes, wars ARE bad)and indirectly inspiring young unemployed people (like me!) to quit super shit internships and go for their dreams.

Now, personally I am too poor and "drome"-shy to go see the Boss but perhaps you do not have my latent fear* of stadium seating and as such I will post the following dates for you.

I understand that some people still do not understand that the Boss is awesome. Sure he is! He is so gritty and "real". Also, he and late 70s NY band Suicide totally mutually appreciate each other! It says so in this Observer story! They even look like each other, see?


Suicide's Alan Vega

Here's the Boss covering Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream". It's even longer and slower than the original--wow--ART!!!

*My fear of the arena is directly traceable back to my teenage years when I naively believed that accompanying a friend to several Alanis Morrisette concerts would mean she'd have to return the favor the next time Portishead came to Minneapolis. We are no longer friends and like Haley's Comet, Portishead has not yet returned. Also, how totally 90s is this story? I probably went home and listened to the Trainspotting soundtrack before settling in to watch David Duchovny or Sarah Michelle Gellar on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and hate my life. Plus the weather was probably totally crazy from EL NINO!!!!! Remember El Nino?

The Boss:

11-25 Madrid, Spain - Palacio de Deportes
11-26 Bilbao, Spain - Bilbao Exhibition Centre
11-28 Milan, Italy - Datch Forum
11-30 Arnhem, Netherlands - Gelredome
12-02 Mannheim, Germany - SAP Arena
12-04 Oslo, Norway - Oslo Spektrum
12-08 Copenhagen, Denmark - Forum Copenhagen
12-10 Stockholm, Sweden - Globe Arena
12-12 Antwerp, Belgium - Sportspaleis
12-13 Cologne, Germany - Köln Arena
12-15 Belfast, Northern Ireland - Odyssey Arena
12-17 Paris, France - Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy
12-19 London, England - O2 Arena
02-28 Hartford, CT - Hartford Civic Center Coliseum
03-06 Rochester, NY - Blue Cross Arena
03-07 Buffalo, NY - HSBC Arena
03-16 St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
04-07 Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
04-25 Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena

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