Monday, 29 October 2007

There is a new best book ever.

Move over House of Mirth. You, too, Absalom, Absalom! Because there is a new best book ever, a book that could really have changed my life had I read it at an a younger age. It's written by a man with an imagination much more perplexing (and possibly hallucinogen-influenced) than my own. His name is Daniel Manus Pinkwater, and he's responsible for a little gem entitled Lizard Music. Basically, according to (where I found it), the book is pretty much what it sounds like. But with a twist! Because, you see, it's not just about lizards in a band. No. It's the story of how "when left to take care of himself, a young boy becomes involved with a community of intelligent lizards who tell him of a little known invasion from outer space."

How awesome do these guys sound!?!? I mean, if they know about this "little known invasion", what other obscure stuff do they know about? Could the lizard band recommend you an album that would really give you a good sense of the Turkish psychedelia scene circa 1971? Maybe they always know about the best new restaurants in town, the ones where the tastiest dishes aren't even on the menu and you have to ask specially for them? Perhaps one of them hosts an awesome bimonthly movie series where he shows rare experimental German films. Really, all you have to do is check out the cover to assess the situation. See the guy in front, the one who kinda looks like a Hell's Angel lizard squealing away on the sax? You just know he's brusque but kind-hearted, and that he'll become something of a surrogate father figure to the little boy.

And just 'cause I'm sort of burned out from the Halloweekend, here's a picture that was for three minutes earlier today the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Who knew lizards were so soulful? This guy is DEFINITELY into Elliot Smith.

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