Monday, 29 October 2007

Bat For Lashes*=Our Stevie Nicks

A recent Dummy magazine interview with Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan revealed how she felt hurt when people compared her music to Kate Bush and Bjork without considering it for its own merit. Oh no! I love Ms. Khan, and I would never want her to feel bad about overused comparisons. Especially when her style is clearly much more reminiscent of the Fleetwood Mack chanteuse than Bjork. Would Bjork write a song about a wizard? Probably not. Would Stevie Nicks? TOTALLY!!!!!! But she would
probably write it as a duet with Don Henley, and I'm guessing B4L wouldn't go that route.

Think you're too cool for songs about wizards? Well, so did I till I heard her debut album Fur and Gold. I was all listening to that Swans song where Michael Gira and Jarboe dispassionately command someone to (presumably) strip and then shove money into his/her mouth (they're making a point about society today!) and taking notes on the Kill Your Idols NY No Wave DVD for my thesis. Take a cue from M. Gira himself, stop being such a Jesus Lizard-obsessed freak, and open up to your softer side. And, if you're into the tracks you can hear on the Bat For Lashes MySpace page (including a new track, the "Circle Song"--OMG, Geek out!!!), maybe you wanna give me a call and we can watch The Last Unicorn** (starring Mia Farrow, soundtrack by America!) together and have tea parties and talk about elf people.

*Or B4L as I like to call them in homage to dirty south rappers D4L and their 2005 hit "Laffy Taffy", in which they entreat a young woman to

shake that laffy taffy
shake that laffy taffy
shake that laffy taffy, candy girl


The Last Unicorn
(The only scene I remember in this movie is when the unicorn looks up and there's a skeleton hanging out in the rafters of a building, probably being mean like I bet skeletons do. The reason I remember it is because it scared the daylights out of me and when I was in church with my parents (the only place I knew of with exposed rafters), I would periodically glance up at the ceiling to see if the skeleton was there. It was not.)


christymonster said...

Aw, I'm so glad I read you, Alison! You have such a well-developed voice in your writing. Hope to see you soon!

Harriet said...

Hi! Sorry I don't read your blog just was googling "Circle Song" hoping to find the lyrics. But as far as I can tell I adore your music taste. Do you know the lyrics to 'Circle Song'? In french, or english or the basic story-line, anything? Thankyou very much.

Anonymous said...

Alors, j'ai l'histoire d'une fille forte
Une fille qui lutte avec amour
Pour remplir sa mission
Elle me dit que les hommes enfants
Ne sont pas bons pour moi
Puis elle me tient jusqu'à la glace
Et place des bijoux dans mes yeux

Et j'ai une peite histoire sur
Ce garçon à l'esprit libre
C'est mon frère, c'est un pionier
Il m'a dit "tu es tout et tout est tien"
Ensemble ils réparent mon coeur brisé
Et en chantant chansons circulaires
Ensemble ils sont ma famille
Et avec eux je suis à mort

Tu es un grand cheval noir, me dit-elle
Et un petit chevalier te trouvera
Parcourant les rues, parcourant les déserts
Il viendra, car tu es amour

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