Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I am obsessed with the American West

For some reason, spring/summer always makes me want to go on a roadtrip out west. Do I ever do this? No. Why? I blame my friends. Who would not want to spend 17 hours in a car with me? We could go to Reptile Gardens! We could eat pie at diners! We could go to Mystery Spots! I would not make you listen to Depeche Mode's cover of "Route 66" all the time. Just once or twice.

Richard Grant, author of "Ghost Riders: Travels with American Nomads", would probably go on a road trip with me. I mean, this blog is named after a Suicide song, and the title of his book may or may not be a reference to another Suicide song, "Ghostrider"! So obviously we'd never run out of topics for conversation. I could ask him about the RVers, hobos, and frontier re-enactors he describes in this excellent account of the various subcultures (both past and present) that live on the American road year round. He could ask me about the amazing amount of web traffic coming to this blog every day. He's a good guy, I imagine, this Richard Grant. So read his book and maybe write him an email--don't be too creepy, though-- and ask him to assist me in my life-long career goal of being a drifter.

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