Thursday, 25 March 2010

Post SXSW Slow Motion Replay: Vol 1

I said this would be Vol. 1 so in case I get lazy next week, I can submit Vol. 2. You like how I did that? I took something with hardly any effort--listing bands I saw at SXSW last week--and made if even lazier! Clearly this is the work of a master.

So anyways, I was at SXSW last week for my sixth time. I am very proud of that, although I can't really say why. Congrats, me, I've been somewhere a lot! I gained 5 lbs in enchilada weight, partied at the creepy elegant Driskill Hotel, and swam in my precious, beloved indoor/outdoor pool. And now I am soooooo exhausted and hermit-y that all I wanna do is sit by myself and watch Mad Men and Twin Peaks on DVD. WEIRD. I am almost never hermit-y. Anyways, here are some of the bands I saw and liked apart from the ones mentioned last week (most of which I did end up seeing).

Zola Jesus
I can't stop listening to the song "Night." Plus all of her album artwork is amazing and makes me wish I was in her band. (Pictured above.)

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Have I talked about this band before? I don't know. And Mad Men Season 3 is calling so I am not gonna look. Anyways, this band kinda reminds me of late Cocteau Twins. Which is weird b/c I looooove early Cocteau Twins but can't really get down with the later stuff...but I think this band is great.

You may be shocked to find that I don't spend my life constantly buying vintage clothes and skulking around graveyards hoping to meet someone else who shares my deep and undying love of Nick Cave. That is just not true. You see, I also love my dirty French rap. (Yes, I just read Uffie's wikipedia and found out she's based in France, not actually French...but I'm gonna say it anyway. Just this one last time. Gotta watch Mad Men not police the facts.) Anyways, "Ready to Uff" and "Hot Chick" are hot jams.

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