Friday, 24 April 2009

Help out my one true love, Radio K

RADIO K is the greatest place/radio station ever. Yes, I am extremely biased. I used to work there. I grew up listening to it, and dreaming that someday I would know people who liked the same music as me, and would go to shows with me. But just because I am biased doesn't mean I am not 100% fact-based honestly telling the truth. I'll spare you all my nostalgic memories--like when we got bored during the fund drive and I tried to see how much wasabi I could eat at one go, or when my best friend Sarah and I set up some styrofoam cup phones between our two offices or--OH WAIT I DIDN'T SPARE YOU AT ALL ZIIIIING!!!

Anyways, I love Radio K because they play old music, new music, local music, and music that's just too out there for other stations. Etc, etc, etc. As you know, I am very broke. But I am going to like, say, not buy the Morrissey shirt I want this month, or not take myself out for lunch one day when I get too fed up with my daily routine to eat a hurried lunch at home before work, and contribute to Radio K. Because when stuff really sucks, I need good music, and so I need to support Radio K--especially in this AWESOME economy.

That's about the limit of how serious I can be on the internet. But really, I love Radio K. There would be a giant radio shaped hole in my heart without it. And so I hope you listen to it, too, if you never have before, and if you do listen to it, that you donate just a little bit. Greil Marcus called it "The best college radio station imaginable."

Radio K, I <3 you!!

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