Sunday, 30 November 2008

Another day, another band reunion I'll probably miss: the Jesus Lizard edition

Did you know that there ACTUALLY is a reptile named the Jesus Lizard? Yes, it's more than just the name of a Touch and Go band described by Wikipedia with such disturbing adjectives as "propulsive," "scathing" and... "disembowling." Ewww. A non-band Jesus Lizard is another name for the basilisk...because it runs on water. Cleeeeeverrrr!!!

Anyway, as you probably already know by now, the Jesus Lizard's original lineup is reuniting for a series of as yet unannounced shows starting with this May's ATP--The Fans Strike Back edition--where they'll be sharing the stage with Devo, Spiritualized, Sleep, and others not yet selected in beautiful Minehead, England. And then there'll be a slew (maybe?) of dates culminating in a final FINAL show in Chicago, the band and the label's hometown.

Oh yeah--and Touch and Go is remastering and reissuing Goat, Head, Liar, and Down in May 2009.

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