Friday, 6 June 2008

Liars EP details and touring bonanza!

Liars. They have a new EP release entitled Freak Out. This new EP is available only through digital download. Digital downloads are laaaaaaaaaaaaaame. But there you have it.

If you do not share my same archaic views on how physical albums are better than paying money for something you can't see and will promptly forget is on your iTunes because you have the mental attitude and agility of a 90-year-old lady and can't remember stuff that isn't right in front of you for easy access, well then congrats, you have a potentially awesome new Liars release to download. If you ARE like me, well, let's go get coffee at Perkins and complain about how the world isn't safe anymore and how primetime television has too much sex and violence.

Here's what you'll get with only a doubleclick and a credit card! US people, you can download that ish starting July 8. UK people, it's already available.


01 Freak Out
02 Clear Island (live)
03 Plaster Casts of Everything (video)
04 Houseclouds (video)
05 Let's Not Wrestle Mt Heart Attack (video)
06 We Fenced Other Gardens With the Bones of Our Own (video)

And here's where you can experience Liars live and in effect!

06-04 Graz, Austria - Postgarage
06-05 Zagreb, Croatia - Teatar & TD
06-06 Ebensee, Austria - Kino ^%
06-09 Lisbon, Portugal - Santiago Alquimst
06-12 Barcelona, Spain - Daydream Festival
06-13 Athens, Greece - Synch Festival
06-17 London, England - Koko ^
06-18 Liverpool, England - The Kazimer ^
06-19 Manchester, England - Academy ^
06-21 Dublin, Ireland - Andrews Lane
06-22 Cork, Ireland - Lane Theatre
07-02 Bergen, Norway - Landmark
07-04 Kristiansand, Norway - Quart Festival
07-04 Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
07-05 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
07-10 Ancona, Italy - Ancona Festival
07-11 Bari, Italy - Bari Fesival
07-12 Liege, Belgium - Les Ardentes Festival
07-17 GuimarĂ£es, Portugal - Centro Cultural Vla Flor
07-19 Dublin, Ireland - Analog Festival
07-20 Brooklyn, NY - McCarren Park Pool #
08-19 Vancouver, British Columbia - Thunderbird Stadium *
08-20 Auburn, WA - White River Amphitheatre *
08-21 Portland, OR - Hawthorne's
08-23 San Francisco, CA - Golden Gate Park (Outside Lands Festival)
08-24 Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl *
08-25 Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl *
08-27 Chula Vista, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre *
08-28 Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl *

^ with Deerhunter
% with High Places
# with Fuck Buttons
* with Radiohead

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