Monday, 23 June 2008

Incredible Suicide Covers EPs/ Marriage Proposal

Instead of writing cover letters for jobs, I am doing this. This is what you do to me, music blog that people read off and on, and that I neglect for months at a time when I have a shitty job I hate. But seriously, I am so excited about this new Suicide tribute concept that I would way rather be writing a bunch of mumbo jumbo about how ECSTATIC I am that HTRK is on one than typing another letter about how I am dynamic, and am a team player. (Although I am both! Give me a job, please!!!)

These tribute EPs are going to be the best EPs ever, possibly, because of all the totally beyond A-list artists doing covers of one of earth’s most stone-cold awesome bands, Suicide. Check out this list of contributors, most of whom I absolutely freakin’ LOVE, some of whom I kinda like, and some of whom I deeeeefinitely “LIKE” like (you know who you are):
Liars, the Horrors, the Boss, Lydia Lunch, Spiritualized, HTRK, Grinderman, Sunn O))) (with Pansonic), Primal Scream, Klaxons, Peaches, Vincent Gallo, Julian Cope, Effi Briest, Xvectors, No Bra, S.C.U.M., Nik Void, and Justin K. Broadrick associate Stephen Burroughs.

(Note: There are several people on this list that I will marry right now. And I am not the marryin’ kind. So boys, please act fast. I will take the first one of you that emails me at this blog’s new email address, Seriously.)

The idea behind these limited release digital or 10”EPS (depending on what you like)—available on Mute Records imprint Blast First (Petite)—is that one established act will be paired with a less established act and a Suicide live track, all in celebration of Alan Vega’s 70th birthday. (Who knew?) There’s going to be one released every month for a year, starting July 28th. This means a lot of my income will be going to Blast First (Petite.) Which is funny because I don’t have any income. (See above. Do not worry, boy from that list who asks to marry me first, I won’t ask you to support me. I live off coffee and vodka.)

Here’s what the EPs look like so far. Also available now is the Suicide ultrafan collection called Suicide Live: 1977-1978. Sorry if that’s not the exact title, my computer is being wacky. It's really expensive and it's alllll live shows.

EP #1: (July 28)

01 Bruce Springsteen: "Dream Baby Dream"
02 Suicide: "Midnight Special" (live)
03 Shilpa Ray: "Mr. Ray"

EP #2: (August 25)

01 The Horrors: "Shadazz"
02 Suicide: "Radiation"
03 Nik Void: "Rocket U.S.A."

EP #3: September 29)

01 Peaches: "Johnny"
02 Suicide: "Johnny" (live 1978)
03 S.C.U.M.: "Wild in Blue"

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Cian said...

Yo Bomb! I saw this on Pitchfork but didn't even read it. I knew full well that you'd have a much more entertaining version here. And I was 100% correct.