Monday, 23 June 2008

1997 4EVA: Tricky has a new LP!!

There has just been a parade of 1997-related music at the record store and in the news. Massive Attack curated Meltdown, one of my coworkers played an U.N.K.L.E. CD I haven't listened to since I stopped being a depressed teenager,and you know, of course there was that new Portishead album. And now Tricky has a new album, too! His last album came out five years ago, according to Pitchfork, but surely that can't be right because I remember buying that album and ooooh my God, it can't be that long ago, because that would mean I am fast approaching that part of my life where people say "God, I hope I'm still not going out when I'm that old." But whatever, those people are boring assholes who just sit around watching HBO original series.

Anyways, the album's called Knowle West Boy, and comes out in the UK July 7, and in the US on September 9 (the day before my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!) on Domino Records. The single, "Council Estate", is up on Tricky's MySpace page, which I cannot listen to since I am at a coffeeshop right now, as I always am.

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Anonymous said...

First person I've seen who actually knows something (anything) about this. Do you have any new info? Being stuck in the US there's never any good info to disseminate.