Sunday, 25 May 2008

Oh hiatus, up yours. And awesome cartoon blog I found!!!

OK. This unfortunate hiatus has drawn to a close, and Diamonds Furcoat Champagne is now back and in effect. Expect regular updates throughout the week as I catch up with all the news from the past (GASP) month that I haven't had regular internet access due to my life being consumed by THE WORST JOB EVER. And then expect updates to dwindle down to their more regular two or three times a week, since there usually isn't enough awesome, ultra exciting news to justify daily updates. Unless, of course, you are a Vampire Weekend superfan, in which case EVERY DAY is a great news day!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to make it up to you for all the opportunities to waste time at work that you may have lost due to this blog being on hiatus, here is a website that will effectively help you waste YEARS of your life. It's where I got the headlining picture, a comic which so strangely correlates to my post-grad school job search....

Married to the Sea

If you can't get enough of THIS, then you will love that website.

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