Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Halloweekend: the aftermath

Well, England is still sucking at Halloween. Apparently, my plan to write intermittent blog posts describing Halloween as the best holiday ever (!!!!!!!) has not been the overwhelming success I thought it would be. Although I guess the Halloween throwdown at our place worked out alright (if you consider spending most of Monday at the laundromat "alright"). After all, we have the alcohol people left behind and we still have the red "special effects" light bulb that makes our bathroom feel like a brothel or low-budget horror film!

So, here's to you Halloween, you sorely-neglected parade of awesomeness. None of these things really have anything to do with this splendid autumn holiday, but you know what, I ain't doin' fuckall tonight, so I don't care what you Halloween-celebrating jerkbombs get to do.

OK, here's a story about when bats get totally wasted!!!!

Also, here's a link to an amazing feature on YouTube tribute videos made by fans in honor of the cat/dog buddy flick Milo and Otis.

Also, here's a picture of a monkey and an organ grinder who looks kind of like Frank Sinatra and/or my cousin, Brad.

And finally, here's a picture of that hamster and snake who became friends.


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Joel said...

I'm sorry you had a cruddy Halloween/Samhain. If you really want a waking nightmare, though, try hosting karaoke for six straight nights--I worked my ASS off all weekend and up through last night, facilitating other people's holiday frivolity, so I didn't have much opportunity to relax and enjoy myself. And the trivia questions I came up with for Tuesday night turned out to be so hard that people started walking out. _I_ knew all the answers to my Vampire Literature round--I just assumed everybody else would, too. *sigh* Chin up, you've still got Guy Fawkes Day to look forward to...